Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2: These puppies are so adorable!

Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love doggies!!  When I see dogs I squeal with excitement 😀  I mean they are just so cute and loving and bubbly! I also love dog movies!! 😀 😀

Zomg Sooo cute!

Quote: Chinese Curse

I thank the television show White Collar  — with the very cute Neil Caffrey —  for saying this quote on an episode.  If you get a chance and haven’t seen this show, DO IT!!!  I absolutely love this show!!

White Collar

~~♥♦♠♣ May you live in interesting times and may you find what you are looking for♥♦♠♣ ~~ Chinese Curse

I Miss My Cupcake. Gir- Invader Zim

Soooo cute!  In high school, two of my close friends got me interested in Invader Zim.  I love Gir!

My favourite lines:
1:  Guess who made waffles?!?!
2: I lubded u piggy, I lubded uuuu!

and of course…..

3: I miss my cupcake.

LOL :)

Meet my friend Naresh.   He jokingly said want me to send a picture to post on your blog  to increase your site traffic? I said ahaha, ok. I’m calling your bluff… I dare you.  He also asked me to add what I think of him LOL So, here is Naresh!   🙂

He likes to play soccer and is pretty good at it too!   He is really funny in msn chat and is mature for his age. He also is a great conversationalist as he always has something relevant or interesting to say.

I think he has awesome headphones and am slightly envious of them. I’ve always wanted giant headphones because the sound quality is amazing and they are so freaking stylish! 

Harry Potter Puppy!!!!

This is super cute 😀