Dwight Howard and Lebron James Hold Their Own Dunk Contest…

… for a coveted Big Mac!

If you don’t watch Basketball then this won’t be as funny to you. I’m not a Lebron James fan but I ♥ Dwight Howard (Superman). It is a remake of a 1993 commercial featuring two iconic ball players Michael Jordan and Larry Bird 😀

I never saw the original commercial before I googled the 2011 edition. The original is cute and denotes the 90’s fashion. I prefer the 2011 version because it pulls on the best parts of the 90’s version with a more in your face approach. Dwight Howard’s glass shattering dunk is sexy.


NBA Teams Show Their St. Patty’s Day Pride!

NBA themed jerseys for St Patty’s day!

I’ve attached two  photo links! Check them out!



Also I’m attaching an interesting link about NBA team colors!  Read up on what are all teams alternative colours/ uniforms! I enjoyed it 😀


I’m back!

Sorry for the lack of recent posts! I’ve been travelling and didn’t have time and steady access to the internet.   Now, I can resume my regular postings 😀

On a happy note: Derrik Rose and the Chicago Bulls Beat Miami by one point! Lebron James and Dwayne Wade both missed their last shots during the remaining  five seconds of the game.   It was a pretty great game overall 😀


Boozer, Deng, Rose and Noah