Words From a Shy Yet Social Woman


I love writing. I love written communication. I excel in expressing myself  when I am writing my thoughts down, verbally, I don’t excel as much. I think its partially because I prefer to listen and wait till no one is saying anything to respond but its also because i’m shy. Verbally expressing myself has been a difficult task for me but i’m working on it and getting better. I love to chat and share verbally and I do so a lot. I’m a chatty girl, really, I am; still, I prefer to express my wants and needs with written words. Maybe, it is because I don’t feel as shy or maybe it’s because I can take the time to fully express what I want to say without interruption. Either way, written words are my chosen medium. Being preferential to the written word coupled with a creative imagination, it’s no wonder I became a writer.   I’ve been writing fiction and non-fiction since I was 15!  At the age of 18, I published my first short story in the Young Writers’ of Canada  Tales from the Campfire.  I wrote a very short story (350 words)  about a teenage girl who survived a serious drunk-driving car accident (leaving it  a large gash across her cheek, which served as a reminder to not drink and drive.)   Afterwards, I attended university and as an assistant editor (then editor then assistant Editor-In-Chief) I wrote many articles for Imprint Publications. Now, I’m currently writing a novel, which I would like to finish my first draft by December (fingers crossed). The written word has become a strong part of my life and I hope it will stay that way but I’m continuing to improve my verbal communications as well!

Besides it’s like Terri Main says ” You are a writer, the ‘normal’ ship sailed without you long ago.”

The Junos: Love and Laugh!

Funny clip. Drake shows he is down with not only young money but old money as well.

Also, curious about what goes on backstage @ the Junos?  Satisfy your curiosity with this neat slideshow on msn.ca about various groups and their antics backstage!!!   Copy and paste this link into your browser 🙂  –>


I Feel The Tension by Destin4Life

I went to grade school in Blind River with Dustin G. aka Destin4Life! He is really talented. You owe it to yourself to hear him!!!



LOL :)

Meet my friend Naresh.   He jokingly said want me to send a picture to post on your blog  to increase your site traffic? I said ahaha, ok. I’m calling your bluff… I dare you.  He also asked me to add what I think of him LOL So, here is Naresh!   🙂

He likes to play soccer and is pretty good at it too!   He is really funny in msn chat and is mature for his age. He also is a great conversationalist as he always has something relevant or interesting to say.

I think he has awesome headphones and am slightly envious of them. I’ve always wanted giant headphones because the sound quality is amazing and they are so freaking stylish! 

Waking Relief by Christina Ironstone

I wrote this back in first or second year of university.   This is something I wrote one evening when I couldn’t sleep.  Funny enough writing a darker story kept me from sleeping  😛

The cold fall wind sent a shiver down Emily’s spine. Her grey cotton sweater was definitely not weather appropriate. Despite the wind that chilled straight to her core, there was something else in the air, something sinister.  Maybe someone was hiding in the shrubs right ahead of her where the street light was out or maybe those distant footsteps were actually an escaped mental patient looking to steal her identity. Stop it! Watching all those scary movies on campus at the student life centre probably wasn’t the best idea. But who was she to turn down a bloodsuckers’ marathon concluding with bloodsuckers 4: return of the dark lord.  She always loved the part where the dark lord was hiding in the police car where Justine and Heather run to for safety only to meet sudden death.  Creak.  Right now walking home at 1am was looking like a bad idea.  Rex, co-ordinator of ride safe, had offered to find her an ride home and she hadn’t accepted. It’s only a five minute walk from Bleeker street. My house is on the corner of Churchill and Aspen, I can make it.

Now she was seriously regretting her decision. Creak.  Snap. She only had about four more blocks to go and she would be home where she could lock the door and sink in the safety of her own home. Those distant footsteps became less distant as time passed and the creaking noise was more prominent. Her heart began to race faster than an Olympic sprinter on the track. Maybe if she ran a little, she would lose the chill and frightened feeling that overwhelmed her.  The rush of wind became more intense as she thrusted herself forward towards and the street sign for Aspen was in sight. She was almost home, almost safe.  As she rounded off Churchill Street she felt something pierce the skin on the back of her neck, before her hand could instinctively reach for the pained area, a wave of faintness washed over her. Emily’s vision blurred as she scrambled to make it to her doorway but a strong, blurry hooded figure enclosed her from behind.  Emily pushed with all her might to free herself but all that effort translated into a light swatting that did nothing to deter the hooded figure. Her last thought before the world began to slip away involved how incredibly stupid she was for rejecting a safe ride home and would never again see….. Emily’s body became fully limp in the perpetrator’s arms as she exhaled her last breath.

Beep, beep, beep!     Emily opened her eyes to find it was her alarm clock screeching at her.  She glanced around. She was in her room! It was all a dream. Relief flowed so powerfully that tears poured down her rosy, sleep-laden cheek.  It was just a dream.  Now she remembered arriving home and after a brief snack passing out on her bed.  After stopping the persistent shrill of her alarm, she vowed to reduce the number of scary movies in her future.   Maybe.

Disillusionment by Victoria Ellingham

I don’t have many regrets in life, I did what I do. I walk through this existence, without one thought or two.
But whenever your face appears, from the abyss in the back of my mind,
From all those years ago, days I’ve tried so hard to hide.
Tangled up in a web, interoperating in a world of hype,
I’m reminded I gave up, most likely, the best thing in my life
The sad part of this, my heart was set in stone

For a boy who I once admired, now I wish left me alone.
He once had a spark, now that spark is extinguished,
With conversations consisting of him correcting my English

There’s no sleep for the hungry tonight,
Only you, that voice, can make it right.

I can hear your voice taunting and teasing me, in the back of my head,
Clawing diligently at my insides, as I slip deeper into the blankets of my bed.
Stick figures, razor sharp images, perfect straight lines,
Force me to achieve what I want and will be mine.
Cause the pain is nothing compared to the result.

I will prove to you I am not weak, there’s no more fault.
And I need you more than ever; I need you when I shouldn’t.
Yes I need you more than ever, although I said I couldn’t.

Now it’s 2 am and your voice is getting louder,
With my thoughts, I’m no longer the bounder.
Images are burrowing into my brain further, ever deeper.
Though you hurt me I’ll make you my keeper.
With eyes, mouth, ears, mind, hands, you are my guide

But I realised staying with you, I will surely die.
I have embraced you and pushed away all others.
Family, friends, acquaintances and all my lovers.

Because I need you more than ever; I know I need you when I shouldn’t.
I forsaken everyone else for you, I did it because the voice said I couldn’t.

By Victoria Ellingham

Dear Nobody by Victoria Ellingham

This poem is by my close friend  Tori.  I really enjoyed it and wanted to share it with the world . She  agreed!

Dear Nobody,I’m writing to let you know I’ve had enough,

I’m sick of this hurt, there is no love,

Everything I do is wrong in your eyes,

I fuck it all up, I never do anything right.

You promised me silence, you promised you’d stop,

You said you stop reminding me of what I messed up,

Your words slice at me from the inside and out,

Dear Nobody, I can’t take this route…

by Victoria Ellingham

A Feeling Worse Than Death By Christina Ironstone (ME)

I wrote this in high school for a contest (360 words or less) and I got it published in a Canadian anthology titled around the campfire.  I think this was my rough copy.

Mallory’s heart ferociously hammered against her chest, which left her ribs sore.  Mallory peered into the bathroom mirror.  Her brown hair, green eyes and a gash across her left cheek all peered back at her; the sight of the dried blood around her stitches and the colour purple that traced the entire wound- made Mallory rush to the toilet.

Her stomach heaved and it continued to heave until there was nothing left. She leaned against the wall. Tears slid down from her solemn aquamarine eyes. The gash left her with an instant replay of that ill-fated night, the sound of breaking bones, shattering glass, and blood curdling screams. How could she move on when every time she looked in a mirror or saw how others looked at her?  They should have walked.

She told her parents she was at the library.  Amelia brought her to an awesome party.  Mallory glanced down at her watch hours later and realized she was late for curfew. They left the party and got into the car; despite the fact that they had been drinking. It had rained and the roads were difficult to navigate and the car started swerving on the wet pavement.  A car had whipped around the corner and nearly collided with them, Mallory panicked and the car swerved. The car flipped twice.

The next day at the hospital, Amelia was in intensive care while all Mallory had were minor scrapes and a gash across her left cheek; caused by a piece of broken glass.  A week later she still felt shaken by this as the trauma therapist said she would. Amelia barely survived the accident and the two talked once but it left more pain than good.

Her father entered the bathroom. He did his best to comfort her.

She attempted to eat and then returned to the darkness of her room. Mornings were difficult and filled her with pain. Afternoon left her with anxiousness and the wee hours of the night made her feel glad to be alive. This was just a day in the life of Mallory Burke immediately after her accident.

By Christina Ironstone

Tik Tok Udub.

Best line : “Can’t wait to graduate. Find a job and get a date.”

Lights – Savior