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Today’s post is just a simple article I found while browsing my various social media sites.  This article I found while browsing Digg.

It is an interesting test. I’d also be curious in his situation too.  I think this guy (Jon) met a nicer or newbie type of spam/schemer/hacker, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is that way. Give it a read and post your thoughts about it.. maybe we can have some lively conversation! (or not)  LOL.

Also if you want another hit of IT/web and buyer beware please read this article about domain names: Article

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Archaic media depicted at its prime.

Archaic media depicted at its prime.

Crazy to think that at a time all of these items helped ups remember and communicate with each other.

In elementary school, ICQ was the ultimate social media networking tool for my friends and I outside of school. Before we used to spend hours on the phone just chatting about whatever. Unfortunately the corded phone left little space for us to do much else on the phone. Thankfully, ICQ brought us the opportunity to multitask. While using ICQ, I could also work on my webpages (I had two: one girly and one based on an anime I was rather fond of at the time), go to the kitchen to grab a drink, search items on the internet, and such. With ICQ I could even chat with people from school that I rarely spoke with in person, people who I might not have known otherwise.

All in all, those days were pretty awesome and I somewhat feel nostalgic …that is until I remember dial up speeds and then I’m grateful for my present amenities.
Today we’re even more connected to social media than we were, some ways it is fantastic, magnificent, and any other non supercilious word you’d like to insert. I, as well as some of my friends are big fans of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype fans and (obviously!) WordPress, and I don’t see this changing any time soon…

BUT who knows what the world of Social Media holds for us tomorrow! In the meantime, take a moment to go offline and speak with a friend in person, you’ll thank me later 🙂