Words From a Shy Yet Social Woman


I love writing. I love written communication. I excel in expressing myself  when I am writing my thoughts down, verbally, I don’t excel as much. I think its partially because I prefer to listen and wait till no one is saying anything to respond but its also because i’m shy. Verbally expressing myself has been a difficult task for me but i’m working on it and getting better. I love to chat and share verbally and I do so a lot. I’m a chatty girl, really, I am; still, I prefer to express my wants and needs with written words. Maybe, it is because I don’t feel as shy or maybe it’s because I can take the time to fully express what I want to say without interruption. Either way, written words are my chosen medium. Being preferential to the written word coupled with a creative imagination, it’s no wonder I became a writer.   I’ve been writing fiction and non-fiction since I was 15!  At the age of 18, I published my first short story in the Young Writers’ of Canada  Tales from the Campfire.  I wrote a very short story (350 words)  about a teenage girl who survived a serious drunk-driving car accident (leaving it  a large gash across her cheek, which served as a reminder to not drink and drive.)   Afterwards, I attended university and as an assistant editor (then editor then assistant Editor-In-Chief) I wrote many articles for Imprint Publications. Now, I’m currently writing a novel, which I would like to finish my first draft by December (fingers crossed). The written word has become a strong part of my life and I hope it will stay that way but I’m continuing to improve my verbal communications as well!

Besides it’s like Terri Main says ” You are a writer, the ‘normal’ ship sailed without you long ago.”

In between the “ah-ha” moments: A quest for meaning.

Life has those little “ah-ha” moments that give you clarity and propel you forward with a renewed and reinvigorating zest towards a goal (large or small).  You feel it too,  maybe its that extra pep in your step or you skipping that caffeinated coffee beverage, or maybe its just that you’ve checked your baggage at the door, either way, you want to sing from the roof tops.  I love those moments, I really do. Nothing gets my engine revving like new found or rediscovered ( creature of comfort here!)  purpose. Whether its  was my degree or my  graduate certificate, a new found love of fitness (who knew?) or my love of the written word (currently writing a novel!), I just love having a strong sense of purpose. Lately, however, I haven’t had a purpose, let alone a strong one. I feel meaningless some days. I’ve been floating about  trying activities and exploring new interests in hopes of  achieving a new  “ah-ha” moment, unfortunately, I haven’t.   

Being left to my own devices, I’ve tried all sorts of stuff, I’ve taken cake decorating classes, online classes, and am even practicing my french, which as it turns out, i’m worse than I thought at these things. But, being a jaded optimist leaves me expecting for the worst and hoping for the best. So, while i’m prepared to struggle finding purpose again, i’m still hoping for the best.   

Is there hope out there for me?   

Only time will tell 😉 


Thanks for reading!