About ME!

My name is Christina.  

I have a strong work ethic and a desire to build relationships/network. I’m a social media fan because it combines three of my top four interests!  They are Media (digital, print, SOCIAL!!!), People, Baking and Technology. I think it is important to connect with others online and share relevant information.

As for my blog/ vlog:  This is an arts/tech based blog/vlog. Expect to find songs I love, poetry and quotes  I enjoy and anything else I feel like posting!  The reason I started blogging is because I felt there was a need for an arts /tech based blog with variety. I like music, inspiring quotes, short fiction, and stimulating articles on social media. I enjoy blogging as it gives me another forum to interact with people and discuss topics that are meaningful to me.

Thus Cironstone was born!

Happy readings!

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