Bust a Move by Young MC

Such a classic 90’s  song.


Quote, LOL.

This quotation was on a key chain I bought in high school  from Ardene or Claires.  I don’t know who actually said it but I enjoy the humour 😀

“I’m not fluent in moron, please speak a little slower”

Bones – Tribute

Bones is one of my favourite shows 😀  so cute!


Modern Family – Billy Elliot

I love Cam and Mitchell, they are a really cute and funny couple!  I’ve mostly seen only the first season but I really enjoy watching Modern Family as it always brings a laugh and a smile to my face.

Inspector Clouseau Can’t Say Hamburger – Pink Panther

Steve Martin in the Pink Panther when Inspector Clouseau tries to learn how to say hamburger. Dammmburderrrr Shambargerrrr THE DURDER! DA-BUR-GAAAAAAH!

Joey Can’t Speak French – Friends

Pretty funny! Joey (Matt Leblanc) cannot speak French. ble le plu. le poo poo

Thermostat Song – Modern Family

You gotta love Phil!  Check it out

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