A Bit of Food for the Soul

Wow. Listen. It Inspired celebrities to make this tribute –> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zxXAtmmLLc

Listen, feel, love.


In between the “ah-ha” moments: A quest for meaning.

Life has those little “ah-ha” moments that give you clarity and propel you forward with a renewed and reinvigorating zest towards a goal (large or small).  You feel it too,  maybe its that extra pep in your step or you skipping that caffeinated coffee beverage, or maybe its just that you’ve checked your baggage at the door, either way, you want to sing from the roof tops.  I love those moments, I really do. Nothing gets my engine revving like new found or rediscovered ( creature of comfort here!)  purpose. Whether its  was my degree or my  graduate certificate, a new found love of fitness (who knew?) or my love of the written word (currently writing a novel!), I just love having a strong sense of purpose. Lately, however, I haven’t had a purpose, let alone a strong one. I feel meaningless some days. I’ve been floating about  trying activities and exploring new interests in hopes of  achieving a new  “ah-ha” moment, unfortunately, I haven’t.   

Being left to my own devices, I’ve tried all sorts of stuff, I’ve taken cake decorating classes, online classes, and am even practicing my french, which as it turns out, i’m worse than I thought at these things. But, being a jaded optimist leaves me expecting for the worst and hoping for the best. So, while i’m prepared to struggle finding purpose again, i’m still hoping for the best.   

Is there hope out there for me?   

Only time will tell 😉 


Thanks for reading! 

Take Off Your Rose Colored Glasses and Appreciate Life For What It Is!

I never could fathom how people got themselves into tricky romantic situations  as a young girl. Maybe, I still had that  mixture of innocence, idealism and a dollop of hope or maybe  I just chose to view the world through rose colored glasses (coincidentally that is also a Kelly Rowland song.) Imagine we all have a pair of those glasses at a young age. I think that as we grow those glasses break and we see the world and the people in it for as they are, NOT as we dreamed. We become disenchanted with those idealized memories and notions.  I don’t see this to be a bad event.  As adults, we may see the world in a different way from our childhood but it isn’t bad.  I’m happier knowing that life is complex. As a kid, you can categorize as right and wrong very easily but as you age your choices become complicated. Truth is, I think those choices were always complicated but youthful minds couldn’t comprehend the magnitude.  I feel better knowing that I understand the complexness of my choices. I like knowing that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.  If life were as simple as it appeared in our romanticized childhood years then life would be terribly boring. Beautiful but boring.

Everything looks beautiful through those rose colored glasses. I also believe that once we truly see things for as they are, we can see their true beauty and to me thats worth it 🙂

As for the point I made at the beginning,  I couldn’t understand why my father left us. Now, I don’t forgive him for doing so but I better understand why.  I also know I couldn’t understand why my first relationship didn’t work out but in time came to understand the complexity of romantic emotions. I don’t pretend to know everything about emotions, only that they aren’t usually rational.  Yates said it best in Brown Penny  “O love is the crooked thing, There is nobody wise enough To find out all that is in it.” We may think we know what we want but  sometimes life surprises us in unexpected ways.  Now I understand how people end up in complicated romantic situations.  I’ve attached two appropriately fitting songs.

Quote: Helen Keller

“The best & most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart.” ~ Helen Keller

Quote: Oprah

“Your mistake does not define who you are…you are your possibilities.”  ~ Oprah

Quote: Lawrence Block

“Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.” – Lawrence Block

I’m quite the believer in serendipity. This is why I love this quite because you never know what to expect in life; Setting out searching for what it is you want and somewhere along the way you find something and it makes more sense than you ever expected. There are somethings you go through in order to find something wonderful 😀      SQUEEEE! (<–Happy squeak!)