Dwight Howard and Lebron James Hold Their Own Dunk Contest…

… for a coveted Big Mac!

If you don’t watch Basketball then this won’t be as funny to you. I’m not a Lebron James fan but I ♥ Dwight Howard (Superman). It is a remake of a 1993 commercial featuring two iconic ball players Michael Jordan and Larry Bird 😀

I never saw the original commercial before I googled the 2011 edition. The original is cute and denotes the 90’s fashion. I prefer the 2011 version because it pulls on the best parts of the 90’s version with a more in your face approach. Dwight Howard’s glass shattering dunk is sexy.


Rihanna Turns up the Lights During All-Star Performance

The all-star weekend was awesome. I admit I wanted demar DeRozen to win the dunk contest as i’m a Raptors fan! I also wanted  my fav: Dwight Howard and his  EASTERN Conference ballers to win the all-star game but admittedly Kobe and the Western players deserved the victory.

One of my favourite parts of the weekend was Rihanna’s half time show during the all-star match. She commanded the stage brilliantly. The guest appearances of Drake and Kanye added to the overall performance without stealing the show. I didn’t expect such behaviour from Kanye and that’s refreshing 🙂 I think he may have gained a splash of humility. He sang All of The Lights with Rihanna and it was an amazing performance. If you haven’t heard the song yet I recommend you listen to this clip!