Daniel Craig Shows off a New Look for International Women’s Day

Yesterday, March 8th was International Women’s Day. This is a day for celebrating all the wonderful women in your life, a time to show appreciation for all the hard work women regularly do.  Women while we  have “come a long way, baby”  still have’t gained a paralleled status of equality with our male counterparts. Being a woman – while it has many benefits- is difficult. We still get paid less to perform the same work. We have to worry about walking home alone in case of predators.  We also are subjected to copious double standards.  When I saw the attached link below, I smiled not because of the presentation  but because of Daniel Craig himself. Craig takes it on himself to not only state his support for women but to actually try to ‘walk a mile in her shoes.” Bond with the help of ‘M’ of  sheds light on some pitfalls currently facing women in the United Kingdom. The video encourages viewers to keep asking  “are we equals?”, which she prompts with “until the answer is yes we must never stop asking.” Daniel Craig’s participation in this video certainly makes me like him even more! Way to go Bond, James Bond!