Twitter May Be The King But Google Buzz Shows Promise!!

Microblogging/ information sharing  What are my thoughts?

Google Buzz: …..a failure?’  is a statement in the article I read —-> <—-

My Response “As someone who uses both Twitter and Google Buzz, I am confident in stating that Google Buzz is not a failure. Google has a long road to travel to become a better social network provider, but Google Buzz is a decent first step”  For my fellow blog readers:  Let’s focus on information sharing/ microblogging.

The king of the microblogging arena is Twitter and I have yet to see anything to prove otherwise. In case you don’t know what Twitter is, here is a link:

What does Twitter offer?  it offers real-time information sharing and online community.  Twitter allows mass information sharing in a 140 character space. Thanks to link shorteners like it is possible to share websites  and a brief message. Since 2006, the phenomenon has grown from an unappreciated social tool into a powerful network of information!

Twitter connects everybody: rich and poor, regular joes and celebrities, as well, businesses or business people with their customers. I like to call it the great equalizer!  Now, I can follow my favourite authors, actors, companies, and friends. Twitter allows for interaction between follower and followee. These interactions are the reason I’ve dubbed Twitter the great Equalizer!

It took a while for twitter to gain credibility and to get the recognition it deserves and the same can be said for Google Buzz. Google Buzz is still in its infancy —  just like an infant, it is growing bigger and stronger everyday! I like what I’ve seen thus far in Google Buzz. One great feature about Google Buzz: NO 140 character limit! I can tweet something, link it to my buzz account then further explain it in detail on buzz!  Another great feature: I can add in pictures right in the message!

My thoughts: I like Twitter and that won’t change, however don’t count out Google Buzz just yet!  Let’s see what the rest of 2011 brings 😀



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