My Thoughts on Social Curation

I read a post @ more specifically
I posted a comment and my social media contact information.  I’ve been contacted by people who are intrigued by my comment and as a favour to my loyal blog followers I’m sharing  my words with you! Read the article  above if you need a definition of social curation.

me: i’m  @CreativeEditor
Web 2.0 and Mobile 3.0 wave are changing the way we receive information and interact with each other.

Now social curation is organizing a changing landscape. The collection of all social media into a zine (ex: flipboard) streamlines the social media process. In today’s fast paced world streamlining social media gives time to interact more effectively with friends digitally. Thoora helps you find and curate search friendly information/content on the web!  I definitely expect we’ll see variations of these providers and applications popping up in the future. For example, look at the change in social messaging services: ICQ messaging lead to other types of messaging services like MSN, Gtalk, and Facebook chat. The real test will be which upcoming social curation project will outlast to become the preferred application? 🙂


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