The Holiday Tribute

This is my favourite movie that my mom and I both share. Life is full of changes and surprises.You don’t know what to expect but also it is your actions/choices that bring about these changes; I think that is one of the reasons I really like The Holiday.  I definitely can relate to both the female characters. I can relate to Iris’ struggle to gain gumption.  She’s sad and drowning in her life for her ex but she is able to pull herself together and realize she has so much more to live for than some sodding jerk-off.  I know what its like to feel insecure and stuck, which is why I understand her character  well.   Now, i’m very confident in myself, my abilities and my choices, YAY!   Iris’ ends off the movie by rejecting the Prat and gains self respect in the process. 😀
Amanda Woods is very guarded which has caused her to hide in her work instead of open up and truly trust someone. Once you get burned it is really difficult to open up again.   It takes a lot of strength and guts to shed those barricades and tear down walls. Luckily, she achieves this goal by the movie’s end!   Check out this neat music tribute video!!!!!!!


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