Where’d You Go? by Fort Minor

One of my close friends introduced me to fort minor.  I really like this song even though it is a sad one. This was one of the many songs I played when I was in an unhappy place and playing those songs helped.  I’m not a sad person, quite the opposite! :). In 2008, I went through a really difficult breakup and I didn’t know how to heal.  I’ve never loved someone in a romantic capacity before and (afterwards for a bit) I couldn’t find a way to feel happy except through music.  Songs like this helped me heal.  I love how music can have such a powerful affect on us emotionally :). Songs can bring us to tears,  make us laugh,  fill us with love,  bring a smile to our face,  give a sense of empowerment, etc. I have a deep appreciation for music and I wish this appreciation on everyone.

Enjoy :D :D


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